Social Distancing

Social distance !

Social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people. Since COVID-19 began to spread, social distancing is only way to save lives and keep people safe at work areas. People can spread coronavirus even if they don’t have symptoms. Technology to help with social distancing could play a big role to fight against coronavirus.

we nextacon has develop social distancing band to ensure proper social distancing . bands detect proximity between the worker by scanning wifi network of a person who is nearby and giving indication to maintain distance if it near.

Social Distancing band was developed as an easy solution for workers to continue to their Work without fear of corona Social distancing device can be use in factories/companies , offices,etc. You can use this device as a band , id-card , etc. This device detect people within 3 meters near you .If someone came within the range of this device it automatically start sound and giving Alert.